Black Ops 2 Preorders Break Records

As much as the internet keeps claiming that Call of Duty is dead, sales continue to prove otherwise. Once again, a newly announced Call of Duty game has smashed pre-order records. Modern Warfare 2 did it three years ago, Black Ops the year after that, MW3 last year, and now Black Ops 2 has continued the trend this year by beating all of them.

But Blops 2 didn’t only beat those games, it demolished them. Amazon says that Black Ops 2 had 10x the number of pre-orders on its first day than the first Black Ops did on its first day. It even beat Modern Warfare 3 by more than 30%. If you’ll recall, MW3 didn’t only break the all-time pre-order record for video games, but for all entertainment include books and movies. Black Ops 2 seems well on its way to grabbing that distinction as well.

If you’re one of the few people that hasn’t pre-ordered yet and you want to get on board, head on over to this link to pre-order Black Ops 2.

Black Ops 2 Box Art Xbox 360Black Ops 2 Box Art PS3Black Ops 2 Box Art PC

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