Black Ops 2 is Totally For Real

Rumors have been swirling that Black Ops 2 is the next game in the Call of Duty franchise. First, Activision purchased Then an employee mentioned that Black Ops 2 would include zombies. Up next, Activision confirmed that there would be a new Call of Duty in 2012. Finally, there was the whole ordeal with Black Ops 2 being listed on the French version of Amazon and Activision trying to strong-arm news sites into taking down the news story about it.

Another week, another shred of evidence that Black Ops 2 is real and is coming this year. Large Spanish/Portuguese games website FNAC has listed Black Ops 2 for preorder with a release date of November 2012. The ad is actually still up, and has been all day. At this point the evidence is just too much to ignore. This is extremely reminiscent of the hubbub leading up to the MW3 announcement. A bunch of leaks and slips followed by denials prior to an eventual announcement. We fully expect Black Ops 2 to be officially announced before this year’s E3 event, where it will likely debut.

So what say you, Gamestas. Is Black Ops 2 a good route for them to go with the next Call of Duty? Would you rather Treyarch re-visit the well acclaimed Black Ops or start over with another time period? Sound off in the comments below.

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